Builder is a profession available in Banished. Builders are primarily responsible for the completion of construction projects, these can be anything from Homes, Blacksmith Forges to other structures required for the survival of the townsfolk. Builders differ from other professions such as herbalists and due to this diversity of skills to ply.

[edit] Construction

Builders will not start building newly required structures immediately and are the tertiary providers of the final product. Builders must first wait for the laborer to deliver the goods collected by the other professions such as Woodcutters if Wood is required. Once the required materials are at the building site, the builders will start construction. Once the structure is completed they will move on to the next, pending item.

Should the player want to pause construction at any time they are able to do so by selecting the building the clicking of the pause option.

In the event that there are no structures planned for the development, builders will act as Laborers.

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