Banished Logo.jpg
Developer Shining Rock Studios
Designer Luke Hodorowicz
Platform PC
Release Date February 18, 2014
Genre City building, Simulation, Strategy
Mode Single-player
Distribution Download
Banished is an upcoming city building simulation strategy game developed by Shining Rock Studios, designed purely by Luke Hodorowicz. It is set to release on February 18, 2014. The game centralizes on how well players are able to manage their resources to ensure the survival of their growing simulated community.[1]


[edit] Gameplay

The player is required to guide citizens of a community set as outcasts into a sustainable community which grows and manages itself. The people of Banished are the "primary resource. They are born, grow older, work, have children of their own and eventually die. Keeping them healthy, happy and well-fed are essential to making your town grow" says game designer Hodorowicz. Core concepts in the games success is survival. Players will often be met with challenges that require additional recources in order to keep the people of Banished alive. One such obstacle is the winter months, as well as disease and other illnesses. Professions will also play a large part in the survival of the townsfolk, with Talors making the clothes that people wear to keep them warm, to the Hunters who hunt the Deer for people to eat and stay healthy, as well as help control the local deer population. Foresters will help plant trees so that Woodcutters can cut them down to create Firewood. The game will also require players to use strategy to ensure survival. For example Farming in one place for too long as cause the soil to become infertile. If no crops are growing, there will be little food for the people to eat, which will lead to famine and death. Also fishing too quickly in one area can causes species of fish to become extinct, radically reducing sources of food for the villagers. Building structures will also be essential, which can be built at any time providing that you have the required resources to do so. Money is not a source of income in this game, instead you will be required to trade your resources for others by way of Trade Vessels are designated Trading posts. Players can also choose to mine for Iron, and quarry for stone, but all these choices require using a finite amount of inventory space, which can not be expanded upon at any time. The success or failure of a town depends on the appropriate management of risks and resources.[2]

[edit] Development

The development for the game initially began in 2011 during August, solely by Luke Hodorowicz under the guise of Shining Rock Studio.[3] it began development on an engine built specifically for Zombie shooter games, using C++. Later on in development it was repurposed to fit the development of the game. The game is developed to be released on both 34-bit and 64-bit operating systems, as well as computers using DirectX 9 and 11. While the initial release of the game will be on Windows, Hodorowicz has not ruled out released on other platforms later on.[4]

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[edit] References

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